With its modern infrastructure, safe friendly environment, mix of cultures, top notch facilities and wide range of premium shopping outlets, Dubai is truly the shopping hub of the Gulf: a shopping destination for tourists from as far afield as Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Look around and the reasons are clear to see. From a long history of trade to the region’s renowned reputation for hospitality, from the constant flow of investment into new shopping malls to the never-ending entry of the global premium brands, from the unique mix of sun and shopping to the ‘can do’ culture, Dubai is the shopping capital of the Middle East. This happened for two reasons. Firstly, the vision and leadership of the ruling family, whose wisdom has transformed a quiet Emirate into a world-class city in less than two generations; also the number of retailers and quality of the retail offerings who have made Dubai a magnet for shoppers.

These quality retailers find their ‘home’ in the malls that are members of the Dubai Shopping Malls Group. Our association is committed to ensuring that the shopping experience in Dubai is without parallel. Our members must meet certain standards – in terms of the mall size,

international quality standards, provide the right retail mix, have good management system and a certain minimum number of shops. These assure that any mall which is a member of the association mall provides exceptional retail experience

On this website, you’ll find details of all the Dubai Shopping Malls Group members. Each offers a different retail mix, a different ambience if you like. From the ‘everything under one roof’ Hypermall to the small, friendly IT equipment ‘souk’, our malls have different strengths and provide different services.

Dubai’s success as ‘the’ shopping city, the success of our members and the success of your shopping experience all rely on Dubai Shopping Malls Group members working hard to deliver – on quality, on service, on key brands, on innovation.

Mr. Majid Al Ghurair
Dubai Shopping Malls Group (DSMG)