Dubai Shopping Mall Group

Dubai Shopping Malls Group (DSMG) is a non-profit organization comprised of various community malls in the emirate, set up under the patronage of the Dubai Department of Economic Development to promote shopping, retail trade and the mall industry in Dubai. Launched in 1998, one of the primary objectives of DSMG is to create and implement a synergy of marketing initiatives encompassing member malls and provide better quality services to shoppers.

As a key sponsor of Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) since its inception, DSMG has been running innovative events and activities that have helped brand Dubai as a shopping paradise during all key seasons in the UAE retail calendar, including the summer months, Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha, among many others.

On the ground, these events and activities have helped attract an increased number of visitors to the shopping malls every year. Members have also benefited through participation in industry seminars, forums and idea exchange meetings organized by DSMG, participation in cost effective citywide joint marketing programs, and access to valuable database on industry resources and employees.

As an association of malls, DSMG is committed to ensuring that the shopping experience in Dubai is unparalleled, assuring visitors that all member malls will provide them with a unique and memorable retail experience, delivering quality, service and innovation.