What is Dubai Shopping Malls Group (DSMG)?

Set up in 1998, under the patronage of Dubai Department of Economic Development, Dubai Shopping Malls Group (DSMG) is an umbrella organization of the shopping malls in Dubai. Its primary aim is to promote shopping, retail trade and the mall industry in Dubai; and to synergize marketing initiatives and provide better quality services to the visiting shoppers in the malls. There are over 30 malls within this group (DSMG).

What are DSMG’s plans to promote Dubai as a shopping destination?
With a per capita gross leasable area of eleven square feet and growing, Dubai is one of the most densely shopped cities in the world. In addition, Dubai caters to all segments of shoppers, be it the budget shopper who is looking for deals and discounts or the high value customer looking for quality and fashion. The presence of the world’s leading brands and availability of the latest products, jewelry and apparels make Dubai the fashion capital of the region. DSMG promote​s ​Dubai as a shopping destination through promotional programs and strategic positioning. It will seek to make shopping one of the key drivers of tourism through active participation in international exhibitions, road shows and local retail promotional events, forging closer ties with tourism promotion bodies and airlines and by communicating with its customers through in-house magazines and mass publicity initiatives.
What are the main objectives of DSMG and how are they different from individual malls?
he primary objective of DSMG is to promote shopping, retail and the mall industry in Dubai. The objectives of the individual malls are also the same. While the individual malls may seek to market themselves and their individual concepts, DSMG’s objectives have a macro perspective.
In what terms can DSMG maximize benefits for members?
DSMG has been involved major promotions such Dubai shopping Festival and Dubai Summer Sup​rises mega raffle ​with​ million​s of prize money. ​The mega-raffl​e has been one of key sales​ driver​ in the participating malls.
In the days to come, DSMG will promote mall shopping in Dubai through strategic initiatives that include events and promotions, sharing of knowledge, active participation in retail promotional events of Dubai, liaisons with Government bodies and international markets and the running of national and international publicity drives.
Who are the chairman of DSMG?
DSMG is headed by Mr. Majid Al Ghurair, Ms. Laila Suhail, CEO, Strategic Alliance and Partnerships Sector​​ and has appointed Buz Management and Marketing consultancy as its primary agency to manage its promotions.
What is the role of Dubai Festival and Retail Establishment in DSMG?
DFRE​ has been instrumental in the formation of DSMG; it promotes shopping in Dubai through various local and international initiatives. The involvement of D​FRE​ is strategic in nature​.​
What are the requirements for any shopping mall to become a member of DSMG?
Any organization that operates a Shopping Mall in Dubai under license from the Department of Economic Development is eligible to apply for membership.
What is the DSMG vision and mission?
It is DSMG’s vision to promote shopping in Dubai and position the emirate as one of the leading mall-based shopping centers in the world by offering quality, luxury and a world class experience. DSMG seeks to represent its members in global and local forums, offer world class standards, promote the growth of malls, liaise with Government organizations, lobby for mall development, promote education and standards, and share and discuss mall initiatives.
What are some of the insights on the mall industry in Dubai?
The mall industry, as a global phenomenon, is a relatively new concept and is constantly reinventing itself. From a center for shopping, malls have become entertainment and leisure destinations for families and individuals. Dubai is setting mall standards globally and leading this reinvention process. Malls in Dubai are challenging the existing standards by growing larger, better and more innovative. By offering greater value and variety to customers, Dubai is witnessing unprecedented growth in the sector.